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Together we are building our relationship with God while strengthening our relationships with one another. In this community, we share our faith and interests with one another.

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Winter Hope

Beyond those tinsels lies, an empty heart longing for the love once knew. Beyond those smiles are tears… lost…looking back on those memories of winter gone by, hoping for a joyful future Philippians 3:13-14 Each step in the present brings us forward to a new life, a life though unknown, lives by faith, trusting thatContinue reading “Winter Hope”

What is In a Name?

I have been called different names. My name has been mispronounced several times by people. So, I always give out the cut version to make it easier for people to say it. Besides, it sounds better to hear it said correctly. Why is our name important to us? What does our name signify? Back inContinue reading “What is In a Name?”

I Am Thankful for….

Each year in the western world, Thanksgiving is a well-celebrated holiday. It is the beginning of seeing joyful faces, the glow of hope, and the time when families prepare to visit their loved ones across the miles. This year is even more exhilarating – when families were confined in their homes due to the 2020Continue reading “I Am Thankful for….”


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