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These posts are authentic and vulnerable. In my posts, I talk about many important aspects of my life – my family, my Christian faith, and my other relationships. Whether you’re here for a brief time or a long time, welcome to my reflective moments.

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Sentiments …

Have you listened to an orchestra that literally moved you to tears? You closed your eyes and as you listen it takes you to a soaring height of emotions that it is so beautiful you couldn’t physically move and yet your heart floats and lifts you up to a wonderfully tranquil place…. It is whenContinue reading “Sentiments …”

What’s Next?

People often say, “it is the journey that is important.” How do you know if the road to your journey is where you should be? When you are amid struggle and challenges and life seems discouraging; when people around don’t seem to recognize your existence, you can’t seem to reach the goal you have setContinue reading “What’s Next?”

Betrayal and Sorrow

In one of R.C. Sproul’s Expositional Commentary in the Book of John, he wrote “betrayal is one of the most devastating experiences any human being can endure. The prevalence of betrayal is understandable in light of the prevalence of sin.” He was referring to Peter’s denial of Jesus in John 18:15-27 I couldn’t help butContinue reading “Betrayal and Sorrow”

Perpetual List

Are you like me who likes creating lists and relying on a list to accomplish daily tasks? Lists of any kind (notes, post-its, calendars, memos) can be helpful in our daily lives; to-do lists for home, to-do lists for work, grocery lists, travel lists, lists of birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth – these are allContinue reading “Perpetual List”


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