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These posts are authentic and vulnerable. In my posts, I talk about many important aspects of my life – my family, my Christian faith, and my other relationships. Whether you’re here for a brief time or a long time, welcome to my reflective moments.

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Perpetual List

Are you like me who likes creating lists and relying on a list to accomplish daily tasks? Lists of any kind (notes, post-its, calendars, memos) can be helpful in our daily lives; to-do lists for home, to-do lists for work, grocery lists, travel lists, lists of birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth – these are allContinue reading “Perpetual List”

Food for the Soul

I came across a very interesting article “Your Intimate Relationship with Food.” It explains the intimate connection between what we eat and how we feel. Wow! Quite insightful – it connects the nutritional components in food to power not only our body but also our mental state. We often focus on maintaining the balance ofContinue reading “Food for the Soul”

In Silence

Watching you while waiting, sitting on the folding metal chair, listening to the noise of the cars go by – I wonder what is in your mind? How you are feeling knowing that your time is closing in and soon you will no longer be a part of the only life that you have known.Continue reading “In Silence”


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