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These posts are authentic and vulnerable. In my posts, I talk about many important aspects of my life – my family, my Christian faith, and my other relationships. Whether you’re here for a brief time or a long time, welcome to my reflective moments.

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In Silence

Watching you while waiting, sitting on the folding metal chair, listening to the noise of the cars go by – I wonder what is in your mind? How you are feeling knowing that your time is closing in and soon you will no longer be a part of the only life that you have known.Continue reading “In Silence”


As I sit here listening to the instrumental music of Tim Janis, a whirlwind of thoughts kept pouring. The pictures of devastated buildings, elderly who are fleeing, and faces of innocent children keep appearing in my mind. The news of war in Ukraine and chaos in other countries reflecting the images of suffering, poverty, andContinue reading “Heartbreak”


Lent is the season where we reexamine our lives in accordance with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a devout Christian or just beginning to know Christ, we are taught that Christ is “the way, the truth, and the life” to the Kingdom of God (John 14:6-7). His life and teachingsContinue reading “Examen…”


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