A Bountiful Door of Blessings!

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People always say when one door closes, one opens. Do you really think that this is true? What if the door that you are closing is the only door you have known for a long time in your life? What if this was the door that you have found seventeen years ago that brought you new adventures…

The same door that paved the way to exciting events – times that allowed you to be with your child in school festivals, trips to the zoo, birthday events, holidays with friends and families…

What if this was the door that you got accustomed to every morning when you get up before dawn thanking God for another day… where familiar sounds, steps, people, and experiences happen from day one to day five of the week?

One can only hope that the next door that opens will bring new joy, new faces, new happy journeys….a door that stays open for as long as you want – without anyone coercing you to close it no matter what the circumstances are at the moment.

My hope for you is to have not just one, but more doors of love and wonderful experiences to open through the course of your life. Where no one will close it for you. And when it is time to exit, you get the chance to close it behind you.

©fm 11.20.19

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