RESPECT is a big word that carries a big meaning.

We loosely say, “respect needs to be earned.” Often, when we do not agree with someone or maybe when someone hurt us, we always say this fancy phrase to make ourselves feel better or to heal the wounds that were implicated in us. Then, we start justifying our ill feelings and our ill thoughts about that person.

But you see, respect should and must be given to all God’s creation. When our Heavenly Father created everything (Genesis 1:1-31), he did it out of love.  It is His expression of love to all his creations and we are part of that creation.

Respect is not earned as we believe and practice. It must be given unconditionally to all, thus, respect for the environment, respect for all kinds of living creatures big and small, but most importantly, respect for all mankind regardless of who and what we perceive they are, whether they are pleasing or not to us, and even the time when they hurt us. Respect, kindness, forgiveness, caring ~ all these equate to LOVE which is the second greatest commandment of God.

Respecting another human soul is giving value to that person’s worth ~ it is loving them. And we are all worth something to the eyes and heart of our Heavenly Father.

We can list all kinds of virtues and pretend that we apply these to others in our lives, but when we assess our hearts with all honesty, we should ask ourselves…do we build our parameters and choose who we give these virtues unconditionally? Do we create our own justifications to cater to our needs, wants, preferences, and desires? Do we really respect all creations, hence, love them?

Healing starts with love.  But we cannot love until we remove all the fences and parameters that we built to encase ourselves in.

© fm1 (11.18.15)

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