Indian Halwa Dessert

~ Salomi ~


Corn flour- 1 cup

Water to add in corn flour -2 cups

Sugar -2 cups

Water to add in sugar -2 cups

Lemon juice- 1 tsp

Cashew nuts and badam pieces- handful

Orange food color – 1/4th tsp

Ghee- 3tsp

Cardamom powder -3/4th tsp

How to prepare? 

1) Add water to the corn flour.  Mix it well. Keep it aside.

2) In a pan boil sugar and water and mix it until it thickens.

3) In the sugar water add corn flour mixture and mix well continually until the whole mixture get thickens 

4) Add lemon juice and food color.  Instead of food color plus badam and cashews. Mix well. 

5) when it mixed well add Ghee and cardamom mix again. 

6)now take a glass bowl apply some ghee on the bowl throughout.  Pour out the mixture from the pan to the glass bowl

7) keep it aside for next 30 -60 min for it to get thick. After this step, the tasty HALWA is ready.  

Cut it into pieces and dessert is ready!

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