Pearl’s Rosemary Chicken

Pearl’s Multi-part Demo: Cutting a Whole Chicken, Rosemary Chicken, and Ginger Chicken Congee…

Wow, Pearl treated us to a three-part series on chicken, lots of it and no waste!
• First, she taught us how to cut a whole chicken cleanly, working along fat lines and showing a very neat trick to get more meat out of the wing sections. (You’ll have to ask her about it!)
• Then she used the thighs and drum pieces to pan fry a really fragrant dish. The secret is in her dry brine and fresh rosemary sticks.
• And the rest? To make a hearty chicken stock, of course, bones and all! She shredded the
boiled meat for congee, but the star of this particular demo seemed to be the chicken base. She added this simple ingredient for extra yumminess. (Yes, web search for Minor’s Chicken Base. We did!) The whole session was full of interesting tips and, ahh, the smells that you can just imagine! Quiz: How many chickens did you use for the demo, Pearl?

You don’t want to miss our next session in November! Jeanne Dea will teach us how to make one of her awesome desserts. More details to come soon!

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