My Own Greek Salad

I love salads for dinner especially during summer. I can eat a large bowl of it. I enjoy experimenting on salads and the more I put healthy fruits, the colorful and the better it taste ~ yum. Here is one of my favorite. It is my own Greek Salad.

INGREDIENTS: (1-2 people)

1 medium size apple

10-15 pieces Blueberries (sweet)

Romaine Lettuce (washed)

Portabello Brown Mushrooms

Crispy Onions (1 tablespoon from the packet)

8-10 pieces of seedless black olives

5 pieces strips of Chicken Tenders (from frozen bag)

Black ground pepper


Ginger Honey Salad dressing

Shredded parmesan Cheese (optional)

  1. Bake your frozen chicken tenders according to instructions. Set aside to cool down while preparing other ingredients.
  2. Cut your Romaine Lettuce (medium size cut). Set aside on a strainer to drain excess water.
  3. Cut your apples into cube sizes.
  4. Cut your mushrooms into small pieces (smaller for those picky eaters).
  5. Put lettuce, apples, mushrooms, black olives, and blueberries!
  6. Add a pinch of salt and a dash black ground pepper
  7. Cut the strips of cooked, crispy chicken tenders and spread on top of the mixed salad along with the crispy onions.
  8. Add Ginger Honey dressing for taste (easy on the dressing not to soak the salad).
  9. Slightly mix the salad.
  10. Sprinkle with small amount of shredded parmesan (optional).

Dinner is ready! 😊

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