Caring for Orchids….

I love orchids and I have a few of them in my apartment.  I have been taking care of orchids for almost ten years. I also had a few in my old office. Orchids have different temperaments. Some of them bloom in the summer and some are in the winter.  Yes, I said winter…I know very strange (exactly what I said to myself too).

Anyway, the one thing I am sure of is that I only water them once a week. And when you water them, make sure to let all the excess water drip so their roots do not rot. My orchids are always positioned by the window, facing sunlight.  Although I never repotted my orchids, it would be best if you do. In my case, my Orchids are super sensitive. They must be in the same position or spot to continue to bloom. They do not like to be moved around.

Another thing that I do. Believe it or not, I say nice things to my orchids…yup ~ I talk to them, and it seems to be working because they bloom at the same time each year.

So, there you go…

Enjoy and love your orchids!

© fm1 12.23.2020

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