Gracious God…

That day, they killed my body, they destroyed my mind but not my spirit.

For my spirit is the center of my being. It is where my heart lies…

And it lies with God.

It is in my heart that lies the foundation of truth.

The truth that separates me from my enemies.

The truth that reminds me that I am a child of the one true God.

The maker of the heavens and the earth.

Justice belongs to the hands of the Almighty God, certainly not in man.

Through Him and only in Him lies salvation.

Man can destroy but can never defeat one’s spirit.

Man can bring condemnation but to Thee, thy God brings redemption.

For man is created from dust, and dust shall he return.

For whatever they have taken, only the Father of the heavens can affirm.

For our spirit belongs to the one who created us.

And our temporal bodies are just a vessel.

Without the mercy of the Father, it remains empty.

Through Thee, thy spirit shall be sanctified.

©fm1 6.30.21

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