O Holy Spirit Fill Our Hearts…

Two weeks ago, it was my turn to lead our life group. I have always wanted to speak about the Holy Spirit. I got excited because this is something that I have always felt strongly about. A lot of things came into my mind – how I have always felt “its” presence in my choices, helped me to be mindful, and provided me wisdom in my everyday life.

Then for a moment my mind went from enthusiasm to inquietude. The challenge is where to start. I was not sure how I would simplify and illustrate my message and yet provide a beautiful justified and divine depiction of what I would say. After all, the Holy Spirit is GOD.

That same week, on a Sunday, I was listening to Pastor Zach from the Church of Emmanuel, and he spoke about Jesus’s parables and in one of the parables, he made a connection that illuminated the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Then, just like a light bulb – the idea flowed in my mind and as always when I find myself trying to figure out how I can put my thoughts into words, once again, the Holy Spirit guided me and provided me the wisdom to prepare slides for our group for our Friday evening fellowship.

Humbly, allow me to share with you what I shared with our group.

©fm1 9.7.21

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