Winter Hope

Beyond those tinsels lies, an empty heart longing for the love once knew.

Beyond those smiles are tears… lost…looking back on those memories of winter gone by, hoping for a joyful future Philippians 3:13-14

Each step in the present brings us forward to a new life, a life though unknown, lives by faith, trusting that beyond those showers of rain is a ray of sunshine pointing us to a brighter, joyful path.

Weary body, heavy heart, endless pain….

Lift up your eyes and your heart to the One who carries you throughout life Matthew 11:28-30

Where there is suffering, there is joy awaiting… Isaiah 30:18

Lost and ye shall be found in Him Philippians 3:9

Gentle soul let not be preoccupied in the crowd of false pretenses. Let your spirit soar in the hope that your future lies in the love of the One who loves us Psalm 31:14

In the midst of chaos, loneliness, and cold winter…” fear not ” Isaiah 41:10


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