Food for the Soul

I came across a very interesting article “Your Intimate Relationship with Food.” It explains the intimate connection between what we eat and how we feel. Wow! Quite insightful – it connects the nutritional components in food to power not only our body but also our mental state.

We often focus on maintaining the balance of our mind and body, but we leave out the part of our soul. We follow all kinds of fads on diet and practice all different styles of exercise for our body to keep it in shape, we also dive into modern books to activate the critical thinking of our minds. But the truth is if our focal point is only on these two parts of our wellbeing, our character remains stagnant, our maturity becomes stale, and boredom continues to grow in us. Then we look for other things to challenge us, not realizing that it is our soul that is hungry and needs to be fed. Our soul is craving for the real food from the “Spirit”, for real knowledge, and the practice of living a more “Christ” life.

Peace and Hope written in Romans 5:1-5 provide us a better understanding of embracing suffering and fostering our character from inside our soul to the outside manifestation of our being; mind and body. In one of my favorite books written by R.C. Sproul “The Righteous Shall Live By Faith” a book that is centered on the Book of Romans in the Bible, he wrote –

“that faith looks to what has already taken place, and we put our trust in it. Hope is merely faith looking forward. Hope is created by the Holy Spirit within us. Tribulation puts muscle on our souls. Tribulation makes it possible for the people of God to persevere rather than to give up. The result of character is Hope.”

He also wrote “When God enters into a peace treaty with His people, it is a permanent peace. He may be displeased with us, and we may grieve Him, but once we have peace with God through the work of Jesus Christ, that peace is ours forever.”

His sentiment is beautiful, profound, and “true.”

What our being requires is more than the physical food that we take or the rigid exercise that we submit our body to.  We need Jesus Christ to be our source of life. For the “death he died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God [Romans 6:10]”

Jesus is the main component that connects our soul to God.

If you ask yourself, where do you find your inner peace? What brings inner joy to your daily life? Why is it that even when you follow the structural routine that you have set for yourself, you still fail? You still want more and never reach a point of satisfaction?

The supplemental source of all your emotions foundation is set on the tangible things in life.  Our spirit is not designed to rely on what is set in front of us. It is not something we see and touch – it is what we desire in our hearts that feed our souls. Therefore, the question is, do you desire to be in the presence of our Creator? Is He the foundation of your life?


“Dear Lord, set my heart on you alone. Be the foundation of my life and lead my life according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen”

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