Sentiments …

Have you listened to an orchestra that literally moved you to tears? You closed your eyes and as you listen it takes you to a soaring height of emotions that it is so beautiful you couldn’t physically move and yet your heart floats and lifts you up to a wonderfully tranquil place….

It is when you recognize how powerful LOVE can be, that even the sound of a beautiful crescendo of an orchestra can lift your soul to the summit then tears fall down your face. Then, as you open your eyes, there is a great incredulity of peace, and you tell yourself – “WOW!”

It is when you discover how to appreciate life and what it brings to you. Then, you envision yourself in a room with people you have imagined being with exactly at that moment, a room filled with peace, love, and joy.

“God’s love for us shall take us to the great pinnacle, an unimaginable place that will bring a feeling of “awe” for we will never be able to explain that breathtaking moment of joy. For His promises will be fulfilled and on that day, we will see Him face-to-face, with such beauty. A place full of love and serenity that has no end.”

©fm1 12.3.22

Revelation 21:6,22:17,22:4,22:20

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