Who Are We Becoming?

One of my Sunday practices before my day gets caught up in the busyness of schedules is watching this one Sunday service online that I have been following for over six years. The only caveat is getting up so early to catch it live because they are opposite from my time zone which means I must be up half an hour early to be mentally awake by 6 AM when it starts.  Of course, I still go to my local weekly Sunday service to join my community.

Lately, I have been watching the recorded version for an hour or two. My mind is more awake and ready to discern. 

It is not that I need to listen to different churches or act so holy and righteous, I find this online service as a study guide for me. They take a particular scripture story (like the Book of Daniel) and expand it to a four to six-weekly series and each one provides a clear understanding of each verse.  

It is like when people listen to their favorite podcasts. I am sure you know someone who has subscribed to more than one podcast.

Why may you ask do I need to watch an online service? Honestly, this is the first time I am revealing this nerdy part of me. I love learning!  I was always a Christian and was raised in a religious family. But I must admit that even though I read the Bible when growing up, there are stories and scriptures that I still struggle to understand. Just in the past three years, I decided to go back to discerning the WORD and how it connects to my life – our lives. I began to bury myself in books to enrich my understanding and the online Sunday teaching adds to my learning.

Today, a new series started about “struggle is real.” A segment talks about “who you are is more important than what you do.” Simple concept but I found it profound. Because a lot of times we are so centered on the idea of accomplishments. We feel so proud when our names are tagged on titles, but we lose track of how we grow as a person. How we relate with others as human beings.

As achievements and successes pile up, as investments and assets grow and reach value, the more it draws us into isolation. Because we are becoming the person identified by what we do and what we have acquired instead of who we should become – the person who values kindness, friendships, and service to others and to God. We dismiss the fact that the other stuff we get busy with most of the time is just that – stuff.

So why do I spend my time enriching my understanding of the WORD and learning the TRUTH? Because aside from the fact that I love learning, I know that He is transforming my heart to become a person of God.

Have you pondered on this question in the silence of your hearts, who are you becoming?

©fm1 2.26.23

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