Unified In Spirit

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could choose the people we work with? or work with people we enjoy being around?  Most probably we could have more fun accomplishing a lot of tasks if the team you collaborate with shares a similar interest with us.

I once worked with a group of chaotic people, we even attended an outside team-building workshop not by choice.  All senior and middle managers are sequestered for the weekend to collaborate with each other, and I was one of them.

It looks like an episode from “the survivors” except the challenge is withstanding each other’s idiosyncrasies. As I gazed at the group photograph taken thirteen years ago, I vividly remembered the personality of each person and how it made us uncomfortable being all together.  I guess we all pretended to like each other because everyone was smiling at the photo.

The truth is that even if we work with the best group of people or with our best friends, there will be times of challenges and differences of opinion. Anger and frustrations will still erupt in a discussion. It is in our human nature to feel in control without realizing that sometimes, we are brought together to bring balance, exercise patience, show humility, learn obedience, and allow others to be heard. To resist judgment, exert our opinions, or criticize, but to practice acceptance of who they are and how we can all fit in the same square without harmful thoughts or adding to the chaos of life. To live in peace and in accordance with God’s will. No matter what our differences, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences are, we are here to follow and serve one Shepherd, one Leader, and one Master – our Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you think when Jesus said, “Come follow me” and chose his twelve apostles He picked the best of the best?  Or in the world of sports, select the most outstanding players? When they came, they followed as they were – with brokenness, weaknesses, and strengths. Jesus knew exactly that there is a lot of “team building” that needs to be done. He has put together people from diverse backgrounds, with different personalities and unique talents. That despite their idiosyncrasies, He knew well who would abide by His teachings and who would continue to fulfill His mission to spread the WORD.

1 Corinthians 12:12-27

He chose those who will bring out the best in each other; the doubtful one, the one good with numbers, the ones who will be His writers of the NT for future generations to study and spread the WORD, the ones who will shepherd the eleven, and even gave an opportunity to the one who will fall astray and betray Him. Jesus was a brilliant teacher. He lived by example and came to fulfill His Father’s will.

Matthew 5:17-18

As I now sit in a room whether in a church community or working with others, I have come to appreciate and respect the people around me – broken and all, just like me.

fm1 3.27.23

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