An Open Letter to You on Mother’s Day…

Dear Mom,

A few things I remember growing up, mostly the times I used to come to your office after school to go home together. When we stopped by the church every single night after work on the way home.  Watching you pray, not fully understanding why we need to be there. The exhaustion, the hunger, not knowing what lies tomorrow but there you are kneeling and praying.

There are so many things I used to hear you say. Words of Wisdom that, honestly at that time, sounds more like a long painful sermon. Funny, isn’t it how those words still linger in my heart and in my mind to this very day?

So, in honor of those Words of Wisdom, let me share a few in this list:

  1. “Put God first in your life.”
  2. Matthew 4:4 “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”
  3. “Persevere in life for nothing comes easy.”
  4. “Trust no one, rely on no one – only in God.”
  5. “Pray, Pray, Pray each given moment.”
  6. “Ask the Holy Spirit to grant you wisdom to make the right choices in life.”

The next one is how to live my life; I hope I have captured the important ones I have learned from you:

  1. “Be proactive and not complacent in life.”
  2.  “You are who you hang out with, so choose your friends wisely.”
  3. “Have patience, patience is a virtue” (you particularly keep reminding me of this).
  4. “It is not how you look or your outward manifestations that matters; it is what is in your heart.”
  5. “Not everything you see on TV and not everything that looks good, and tastes good is good for you.”

Wow! There are many more to this list, and each day I wake up, your words echo in my heart and in my thoughts. It is like an automatic switch that turns on that guides me to remain true to my Faith.

I am so blessed to have you, you are a wonderful, insightful person. You have expressed your love and affection so differently.  For we never hugged and never said “I love you” to each other. Your expression of love is sharing the gospel and the truth. For you knew that I shall carry this throughout my life.

I made a lot of poor choices in my life growing up. I dismissed your words and heard it as a long boring sermon. Perhaps, because of my immaturity and stubbornness. I had difficulty understanding what it meant.  But you knew in your heart that God will draw me back to the right path of life and He did. You are always right on the target, Mom.

You have shared the best of your life and the gift of wisdom that surmounts all suffering and sacrifices you have endured in life.

When you passed almost four years ago, there were mixed feelings of loss, grief, and relief. I know that you are finally resting in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

This Mother’s Day and in the days and months ahead, I want to say, “Thank you” and “I Love You.”  I am so blessed that you left me with your words of wisdom and the living Truth of God.

©fm1 5.12.23

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