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Young Minds Walking With Christ

Welcome to our page!

We invite you to our Christian Community where diverse minds connect and observe the faith in Jesus Christ using the power of expression through Arts, Literature, and Scriptures.  We aim to inspire you to share your Devotion, Inspiration, and Personal Testimonies to bring encouragement to those who struggle with their Faith and in search of Hope.

Meet our ministry team

Fídēs Magisa

Ministry Coordinator and Website Administrator

Welcome to our website!  My name is Fîdes Magisa. “Fîdes” in Latin means “Faith.” My family calls me “Des” for short.  My hobbies are hiking, reading a good book, food tasting, foreign films, and traveling!

This website was originally conceptualized with the mission of reaching out to youth in the new normal of social distancing during the pandemic in 2020. We want to provide a safe environment to all young minds where they can independently express their thoughts constructively through Arts, Sports, Literature, and Scriptures.

We hope to spread the Love and Word of God through Jesus Christ by connecting everyone globally.

We invite you to send in your articles through our contact section.

Danielle Laub

Website Administrator & Creative Design

Nice to meet you! My Christian journey felt like it began when I took an ethics course at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory high school. Confronted with the logic in C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, I began to search for the truth.

My search led me to seek out Christian clubs during my undergraduate years at the University of California, Davis. After about a year of reading the Bible and learning what it means to be a Christian, I decided to take God as my Lord and Savior in 2016.

Since then I have nurtured my relationship with God and shared my faith with my close family, friends, and fiance. Although I am weak and doubtful at times, He has always been there for me and for that I am truly thankful.

My hobbies include health and wellness, baking, gardening, singing, playing with my cat (Ollie) and dog (Iroh), watching movies, and playing video games.

Pastor Jonathan Dawson

Youth Pastor at Full Life Christian Center in San Francisco

Hey there! My name is Jonathan Dawson. I am the Youth Pastor at Full Life Christian Center. I am always on the lookout for a new adventure and thankfully San Francisco and the wonderful people who live here always deliver! I am a father to an active baby. For me the perfect evening is spending time with my wife watching a good movie with a greasy slice of pizza and a can of root beer. I like the fact that my job allows me to use my hobbies to make a difference in the lives of students. If you like to play video games, go on a hike, take good pictures, watch movies, and discover new food I am always available!

Salomi Dawson M.D.

Wife of Pastor Jonathan Dawson, Ministry Youth Elder

Hello, I am Salomi Paul Dawson. I moved to San Francisco from a beautiful tropical place of India. I am an emergency Physician who not only want to save lives but serve others through ministry. I love cooking, travelling, exploring other cultures, and gardening. I am a proud mom of a healthy baby boy (Felix) and I completely enjoy spending time with my husband and my baby boy. I love sharing stories of my adventures – bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. I am equally passionate about making great memories with the ones I love and with the things I do.

Paul Yee

Ministry Youth Elder

A native of the former nation of Tibet (was a neighbor to the Dalai Lama). Immigrated to Mexico (crossed the border at the Rio Grand River), granted citizenship as a future DACA applicant. Attended public schools and became a professional juggler.

As you can tell by his bio…Paul has a keen sense of humor. He provides a refreshing way of making the youth comfortable by being relatable. Paul is very visible and quite involved with the weekly program.

Corinna Lee

Ministry Youth Elder

Hi my name is Corinna Lee. I am a San Francisco native, married with 2 kids. I am the oldest of 4 siblings and grew up in North Beach. I enjoy all types of outdoor activities, listening to Audible books, and volunteering at the SF Food Bank.

Corinna is dedicated on providing the weekly snacks for the youth. Her generosity, thoughtfulness, and her positive attitude is infectious. You can’t miss her – she is the person who always have that big SMILE 🙂 on her face.

Dickson Dea

Ministry Youth Elder

Youngest of six boys to Chinese immigrant parents. Grew up in San Francisco Chinatown housing projects and attended Galileo High School. Began his career in the electronic industry after graduating from SF City College.

Married with 2 adult children and grandfather to 2 cats -Dante and Saffron. A NERT and ALERT member with SFPD. Dickson has a desire and the responsibility to serve the community. Dickson has a passion for motor sports, cycling, fitness in general, and especially love for the youth at FLCC.

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