Winter Hope

Beyond those tinsels lies, an empty heart longing for the love once knew. Beyond those smiles are tears… lost…looking back on those memories of winter gone by, hoping for a joyful future Philippians 3:13-14 Each step in the present brings us forward to a new life, a life though unknown, lives by faith, trusting thatContinue reading “Winter Hope”

He is the God of Hope!

Wherever you are now in your life, trust, and hope in Christ. Though you may find it hard to see the good in challenging times, focus and remain in the presence of God, and allow your mind to wander through the beauty and the blessings of life. As Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:4-9 4 RejoiceContinue reading “He is the God of Hope!”

Good Food Is Good Medicine

Grilled chicken with roasted veggie potato corn cake, fondue and green beans This recipe is for a full meal. You can cook the full meal (see the following steps for each individual side) or you can prepare each dish to serve as part of other meals. Serves 4. Chef Jet Aguirre will be givingContinue reading “Good Food Is Good Medicine”