I Am Thankful for….

Each year in the western world, Thanksgiving is a well-celebrated holiday. It is the beginning of seeing joyful faces, the glow of hope, and the time when families prepare to visit their loved ones across the miles. This year is even more exhilarating – when families were confined in their homes due to the 2020Continue reading “I Am Thankful for….”

Living in a Chaotic World, Facing the “Giant” in Your Life

In the Bible, King David, Apostle Paul, Peter, James, Matthew, Luke, Mark, John, Timothy, Barnabas …… are the cloud of witnesses who showed us how they face the “giants” in their lives. Giants, let us think about that for a moment. Giant represents something colossal. It is what oftentimes appears to be so enormous inContinue reading “Living in a Chaotic World, Facing the “Giant” in Your Life”

Waiting on you, Lord!

~ Lamentations 3:25-26 ~ “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him;it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. ” We have two members in our Life Group who are still suffering from cancer. Our group has been stricken with cancer one by one. It started inContinue reading “Waiting on you, Lord!”

Our Documentary…

I was watching this two-hour documentary of one of my favorite film directors over the weekend. I always find it interesting when people are asked to say something about the person. How they describe their experiences working with the person, living with them, or who they are as an individual, and how they perceive storiesContinue reading “Our Documentary…”

How God’s Works His Miracles…

Recently I wrote about When God’s Works His Miracles… As I was reading a Christian article today, I came across the subject “Stop Worrying that you’ll be wiped out financially.” This brought me back to when I lost my job in September 2019.  I was fortunate that I have stacked up some savings.  Because littleContinue reading “How God’s Works His Miracles…”

When God works His Miracles….

Today I finally received the news …. I am one-year cancer-free! It has been a year when I was diagnosed with DCIS Breast cancer. No one ever forgets the initial shock when they are asked to come back for another test. For the past 16 years that I have been going for my mammogram, IContinue reading “When God works His Miracles….”